Retail HR transformation programme

Transformation programme providing a smart planning solution and automatic reporting of hours, absences and bonuses (TAM). Goal: Balance HR and retail issues to improve effectiveness and productivity in your points of sale networks, and improve payroll reliability.

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The process


Define the right team organization

  • Team size
  • Team structure
  • Full time/part time
  • Back-office activities 


Implement useful flexibility

  • Smart planning tool
  • Modulation of hours
  • Anticipation of activity ups and downs
  • Making each hour count


Secure Payroll


Monitor store productivity

yves rocher case study: the PSP programme

PSP programme

More than 2 years ago, the Cap Rocher Group launched the PSP (Perfect Shop Planning) programme, which aims to improve customer satisfaction by adjusting the presence of employees in the shop according to customers flows (extract of an interview in Focus RH magazine from 27/10/2020). At the heart of retail excellence, PSP enables store teams to offer the best possible customer service and improve their productivity. Now rolled out in France with TAM (digitalised Time and Activities Management) and in several European countries, the success of this programme depends on 4 fundamentals:

  • Preparatory work;
  • Close involvement of pilot shop managers to build an efficient and user-friendly solution (thanks to WeDev);
  • Change management to make the flexibility effective and understood by all;
  • A cross-disciplinary approach across various departments – HR, retail, management control, payroll.


Reduction in staff costs

Average reduction rate in staff costs at the stores concerned after 1 year of programme


Productivity gains

Average increase in turnover/FTE at the stores concerned after 1 year of programme


Payroll reliability

Average rate of reprocessing of payslips in the 5 months after the roll-out (compared to 15% before TAM)

Monitoring automation

Dashboard on key Retail HR indicators available in real time


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