The process


Design the package

  • Project mode
  • Definition of the offering
  • Economic model  
  • Business process
  • Customer experience
  • Transformation path


Pilot phase in agile mode

  • Design of the pilot package and tools
  • On-the-ground monitoring and facilitation by business experts
  • Testing and adjustments
  • Pilot approval


Roll out and facilitate 

  • Roll-out kit preparation: business support, handbook, demo videos, communication kit, etc.
  • Deliver training
  • Support and monitoring


Manage and sustain

  • Coaching of central and point of sale teams
  • Dashboard implementation
  • Management of performance and increased activity

Client case study: the Expresslane program

In order to improve workshop productivity and customer satisfaction, the Fiat Group asked Coventeam to demonstrate proof of concept for a new service. The idea was to have 2 technicians intervene on a maintenance operation simultaneously. In this context, the We Transform teams were called upon, along with Coventeam’s business experts, to roll out the offer as a pilot phase:


  • Definition of challenges
  • Financial modelling and ROI calculation
  • Communication materials targeting investors
  • Modelling of customer experiences and business processes
  • Pilot roll-out kit
  • Monitoring and reporting on the pilot program

We Transform’s added value

From A to Z

Support from A to Z, thanks to our 3 branches, enabling us to design, manage and equip the deployment of the offer


Constant adaptation of the package to suit on-the-ground team needs is an integral part of our service


We design reporting solutions to enable effective and sustainable management


We put in place the levers required for adopting change: training, coaching, marketing tools, support for management


More than customers, partners who trust us

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